Music Station
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Children love our furniture with which you can play music on. It is a big deal to have a beatable chair. The five trendy colors white, pink, blue, green, orange and nature beech fit into every child's room and can be used for a long time. You can combine the children chair with every color for the drum-part of the box. The clou with the Drumming Chair KIDS is that the drum-part is detachable. So if the parents have had enough beats for the day the drum can be removed so that only the chair remains. We send free stickers to mark the different sounds with every drumchair and every drumstool. With the help of the stickers young children are able to learn were to hit the bass and snare. In addition to the stickers we send a free drum learning manual. It consists of different music sheets developed by music teachers especially for this instrument. This manual enables kids to learn how to drum quickly. There are a few famous children songs in it, too, so that the kids can sing along while they drum. The Children Drumming Chair is available in the Seating Height 30cm and 34cm. And when the children want to sit to paint oder to puzzle we also have a children table which fits perfect to the children chairs.