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  Daddario Turkish oud Tuning

D'Addario J95 oud strings, good all-around set for Arabic or Turkish ouds.  The listed pitches on the package are mistakenly written transposed for Turkish notation.  The actual pitches are noted above.  The two lower courses are listed on the package as F# and B. A fourth lower means you can tune these pairs to C# and F# or E and A. For the discerning player, tuning these pairs up to E and A might yield higher tension (but not too high by any means). In that case, individual gauged strings are also available. 

On Arabic ouds, these strings should be used in CFAdgc' or DGAdgc' tuning only. Higher tunings can damage the oud due to excessive tension.   These strings are comparable to the LaBella OU80 set, with slightly increased tension on the wound strings.