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Finally, there's a wireless controller that is equally suited to both the stage and the studio. Packed with many of the features that have made M-Audio keyboards so popular, the MidAir 37 delivers 37 velocity-sensitive keys, nine faders, eight knobs and more in a totally wireless chassis. That means no USB cable. No MIDI cable. No power cable*. Nada. The MidAir 37 and included MidAir receiver—both 2.4 GHz wireless devices—deliver an effective range of 30 feet for the same consistent, real-time response and low latency as wired controllers. With the MidAir 25, keyboard players no longer have to be anchored to a host computer or a rack of gear sitting in the backline.

Home Base


The MidAir 37 ships with the MidAir receiver—a 2.4 GHz wireless interface that easily connects to your Mac or PC and relays MIDI data from the controller. The MidAir receiver also functions as a standard USB-MIDI interface, allowing you to control most MIDI devices from the MidAir 37 without the need for separate interfaces. And like many other M-Audio peripherals, the MidAir receiver is a class-compliant device—no drivers required.

Control It All
The power of the new MidAir 37 isn't limited to the world of soft synths and DAWs. The included MidAir receiver can also be used without a host computer and connected directly to a standard MIDI instrument. So you can set up your old favorites safely and discreetly offstage, then control them wirelessly front-and-center from the MidAir 37. Complete with 19 MIDI-assignable controllers— including nine sliders, eight knobs, data slider and sustain button—plus pitch and mod wheels, sustain pedal input, preset and octave +/- buttons, the MidAir 37 allows you to take total control of any MIDI hardware and software.

Wireless USB MIDI controller and receiver with 30' range

37-key velocity-sensitive synth action with full-size keys

9 MIDI-assignable faders

8 MIDI-assignable knobs

Program change buttons

Preset/octave up/down buttons

Assignable sustain button

Sustain pedal input (pedal not included)

Assignable data slider

Pitch bend and modulation wheels

3-digit LED display

10 non-volatile memory locations

Controllers fully programmable to MIDI controller number and channel

MIDI Out jack on controller

USB 1.1 and MIDI In/Out ports on MidAir receiver

Powered via 9V DC power adapter or batteries

On/off switch

Class-compliant with Windows XP and Mac OS X

Includes Ableton Live Lite 5 music production software so you can make music right away