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Since appearing on the market almost 30 years ago electronic tuners have been making every guitar and bass player?s life much easier. Every musician out there has had those tuning difficulties with standard tunings, drop d and half semitone, but this problem is now easily rectified with the introduction of digital tuners such as the Marshall MT-1 depicted here -  digital guitar/bass tuners are ideal for beginners and pros alike.

Guitar & Bass Tuning

The Marshall MT-1 digital tuner features a guitar and bass toggle button which switches the tuner between the two allowing you to tune either instrument. There is also a flat button with which you can set the tuner up to five semitones flat for unusual tunings along with a built in microphone for tuning your acoustic guitar. Also cleverly featured in this unit is a tip-of-the-finger size rubber button which controls the battery power of the unit. Check out the Marshall MT-1 Electronic Guitar Tuner now at the Nevada Music Warehouse ...